All music lovers know that hip-hop is a musical genre combining rap with electronic beat. Since hip-hop emergence, the title role on the stage was played exclusively by men. Women were most often ignored by the public, so they were pushed into the background. But this unpleasant tendency did not prevent some talented performers of rap music from achieving stunning success at all. Beginning of women popularity in hip-hop was made by the performances of Queen Latifah and Lauryn Noelle Hill, who, despite their gender, were able to receive international recognition. Since then, dozens of women have been able to build a good career and have shown what they are capable of.

An integral part of rap, no matter how trite it may sound, has always been its coolness, when you listen to a dose of musical dope, which shakes your head and makes you listen to this artist again and again.

Men in this field are countless, unlike girls, to whom in many countries there is a kind of bias. However, it seems to us that BeckMilli is able to convince almost any skeptic. This woman has many facets of her original technique, presentation and unique charisma. Her performance is cool and original. This girl is a bunch of drive and energy with a breathtaking flow. This female uk rapper has proven that rap is not just for men.

For good reason, hip-hop is considered a male culture, seasoned with a fair amount of sexism. However, with the growth of feminist discourse, they began to talk about so many areas of life. The truth is: there have always been women in hip-hop, but it’s more difficult for them to succeed and overcome prejudice against themselves.

Now the genre has grown from its origins, and its themes have become wider, but money and girls, as a measure of success, have always been at its core among all the artists.

Photo by Brandon Erlinger-Ford on Unsplash