A tool that will record the sounds of your speakers.

PCWIN Speaker Record is a lightweight and straightforward program which allows you to record sound from your speakers. You can use it to save the audio stream from online radio, movies and video games, for instance.

The interface of the application is based on a small interface with an intuitive layout. The ‘what you see is what you get’ principle applies to PCWIN Speaker Record, since there are no features available, aside from the ones visible in the main application window.

So, all you have to do is start the recording session by clicking a button; you can record as much footage as you want.

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Once you decide to stop the recording, you can specify the output name and directory, in order to save the new file. Unfortunately, PCWIN Speaker Record can only save items to the WAV format. We would have liked to see support for additional file types, such as MP3, WMA and FLAC.

The small application runs on a low-to-moderate quantity of CPU and system memory, is very responsive to commands and worked smoothly during our tests. We have not come across any issues; PCWIN Speaker Record did not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs.

On the downside, the output Wave files occupy a lot of space on the hard drive (e.g. a 4-minutes-and-46-seconds audio track requires 96.1 MB on the disk). Furthermore, PCWIN Speaker Record has a limited functionality. For example, you cannot schedule the recording to stop after a user-defined time interval. Nevertheless, the resulted tracks have a very good sound quality; PCWIN Speaker Record can be seamlessly handled, even by inexperienced users. No recent updates have been made.

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