Real Life Super Heroes

Ernest Super Cooper
Ernest Super Cooper

Marcus Garvey – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr – Harriet Tubman – Malcolm X – Shaka Zulu – Hannibal -Toussaint Louverture – Just to name a few. These real-life super heroes changed the world. Even today, artists, poets, and musicians depict these heroes in grandiose fashion, but rarely has there been a book with music compositions that has captured so much of who they were. In this inspiring collection, Ernest Super Cooper combines a sensory overload of positive energy, displaying the accomplishments of some of history’s greatest black super heroes and freedom fighters. History comes alive not just through the written word, but in song and imagery. Learn history through the sights and sounds of a man who wants to bring these memorable men and women to life. Through high detailed illustrations and colorful songs, raps and interactive sing-alongs, you’ve never seen a superhero book quite like this one.

  • Real Life Super Heroes
  • Changed the world as it is today.
  • Their fight against slavery.
  • Their struggle for equality
  • Influenced people all over the world.
  • In this interactive Black History book

We have:

  • Realistic illustrations.
  • Coloring book pages.
  • Matching music downloads.
  • Sheet Music – Play-a-longs.
  • Interactive – Sing-a-longs.
  • You’ve never seen a Black History book
  • Quite like this one.
  • Get your copy today.
  • Real Life Super Heroes
  • Book 1 and Book 2

By: Ernest Super Cooper

Paperback – Music CD – Digital Downloads – Available at Amazon – ITunes

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