New Ophena stirrups deserve your attention

stirrups deserve your attention
Image by Dorota Kudyba from Pixabay

All riding enthusiasts immediately fell in love with the Ophena S safety stirrups for their robustness and interesting design. Professionals and amateurs, hunters and athletes prefer these stirrups to others. This piece of equestrian equipment has become a real bestseller around the world, but the time has come to offer something new: the Ophena S Pro with a diamond tread.

This very aerospace-grade hardened aluminum tread provides exceptional traction. The best grip allows you to relax and not think about dangerous riding, even during precipitation.

Safety while triathlon

Triathlon enthusiasts especially will love the Ophena S Pro’s finest magnetic safety stirrups, with an unrivaled grip. This event can be divided into three stages: dressage, show jumping and cross-country. In the field and in the forest, the rider must make decisions with lightning speed. Regardless of any circumstances, even in the rain, reliable stirrups will not distract you from an important goal, because your feet do not slip in them, but on the contrary, will give you confidence. Both of our stirrups include a magnetic connection, foot stop, open side, great grip and Smart Attach system. They can be purchased in very stylish shades of gray and black onyx.

Forget about losing your stirrup while riding, as it is magnetically attached to your insole and to the stirrup itself. The space on one side allows you to quickly remove your foot when needed, and thanks to the foot stopper, your foot will not slip out of the stirrup accidentally. Besides, you can remove and attach leather stirrups without hassle thanks to the Smart Attach system.

If you doubt

If you are confused about something, read customer reviews and compare the feeling of the ride before and after purchasing these stirrups. You will definitely not regret it. Moreover, the purchase has a guarantee for two months.