I have discovered the inconvenient side effect of the M-Audio PCI interface just for any curious readers, the dedicated Stereo Audio PCI cards are piggy, meaning they don’t or won’t leave much resources for other things, you’re basically turning your machine into a dedicated Stereo Audio reproducer period.

Bummer. Resources like RAM and/or PCI bandwidth? Is this only a problem when the card is in use?

At the time I didn’t have the machine dedicated as the DJ computer, and was trying to do other things beside the DJ program, like playback a DVD, or a Media Player file, or use it as my Video Capture USB 2.0 Etc., hoping to get some other usage from the computer when it wasn’t being used for DJ purposes, but trying to use those programs resulted in sound distortion preceeding a machine lockup.

It pretty much was driving me crazy until I uninstalled the M-Audio completely and installed a Creative Audigy 2 ZS I had, and the problem completely disappeared, I really didn’t research deeper into it to see what the problem was, but after a reverse reinstallation and the problem returned I knew the M-Audio was behind it, so I dedicated that machine to the DJ program period using the M-Audio, as that really was why I had bought the M-Audio in the first place.

It has always had a gig of XMS Corsair RAM in that machine, so whether that or PCI bandwidth was the problem, I really do not know, but it was a problem when the card was in use, however with the DJ program its always performed flawlessly.