Each creative person has his own favorite shoes in life or on stage, all musicians are quite delicate about their choice. Foreign musicians often dictate fashion and even release their own line of clothes and shoes.

Many rock musicians in their daily lives (and on stage, too) are used to sneakers. A release of a shoe line in conjunction with sports brands was quite widespread.

One can often find various stylized metal inserts, sometimes with a pattern, sometimes in the shape of a skull on shoes with musicians of similar genres. All rockers are very selective in the issue of shoes and clothes, because they always need to express their individuality.

The rappers’ traditional shoes are high sneakers. Let’s take a look at Marshal Mathers, known under the pseudonym Eminem.

And do not forget that musicians are the same people, and the question of practicality and convenience is important for them. You need to not only buy good shoes to match your idol, but also be able to look after them. It should be remembered that leather shoes look richer, but require special care. It needs to be cleaned and polished with good shoe paint. If a pair of shoes is new, we advise you to do the so-called basic treatment: soak the boots with cream and shoe polish. The leather will become more elastic and soft, it will be protected from the harmful effects of salt crystals, sand, etc. It’s good to keep shoes in wooden blocks. Ordinary plastic mold holders are also suitable. This prevents unwanted creases and cracks.

As we can see, musicians are creative personalities for whom there are no barriers in the question “what shoes to choose.” Each time it is connected with the mood. The main thing is not what they have achieved, but the presence of a taste that not everyone can boast of.

Image by Free stock photos from www.rupixen.com from Pixabay