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What does it mean to be a man? To earn much money? Lift weights? Dress well? Perhaps you need all of this list or nothing, but there are things that everyone should be able to do, regardless of his profession, no matter whether he is a doctor, musician, artist, etc. Any woman wants to see a Jack of all trades next to her, who can fix something at home or even do better.

Replace the bulb or switch on the machine in the switchboard.

Hang a picture. Choose a place and drive a nail — not such a difficult task, and you can get great pleasure of the process.

Change the wheels of a car. It’s better if it’s the car of the girl you like.

You need to know how does a water pump work? Especially if it’s grundfos.

Kindle a fire without flammable liquid. In order not to embarrass yourself, practice before.

Sharpening knives. No man wants his knives sharpened at home by someone else.

Hang a shelf when your girlfriend has nowhere to put your favorite books.

 It is very important to understand the plumbing to be able to troubleshoot pipes.

 In addition, you need to understand furniture materials to make it easy to choose quality furniture to your cozy nest.

But remember! Safety first! You want to become a Jack of all trades, not lose your fingers or get burned or electrocuted.

Choose the right tools for the job. The first thing you need are tools that will make your work safe, such as a mask or respirator if you work indoors or with toxic dust. Using the wrong tool (for example, a shaky chair instead of a reliable ladder) or using the wrong tool means injury and can adversely affect the quality of your work. Do not buy a tool that you do not need, buy (rent or lend) only one that you will need for work. Just answer the question “What tools do I need?” These are the tools that are needed for safe and proper work.