Students learn recording techniques, computer composition, digital technology and multimedia production and work closely with student musicians, faculty and guest artists on recordings.

We offer courses that immerse students in introductory to advanced audio recording techniques. Learn from our expert faculty about the aesthetics of audio recording, multi-microphone techniques, digital audio recording, audio for television and film, plus all the fascinating equipment associated with these topics. If you have an interest in digital signal processing, psychoacoustics, data compression, sound reinforcement and other emerging technologies, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to be successful in this exciting field.

Studios A and B

Two computer music studios (Studios A and B) function as small classrooms and workspaces for students and faculty. These studios house digital recording equipment, synthesizers, samplers, sound processors and other equipment required for electronic composition students and those enrolled in audio recording classes.

Studio C

The Recording studio (Studio C) is the nerve center of the school’s recording operations. It is open around the clock for School of Music recordings, technology courses and student projects.

This state-of-the-art studio houses a digital console, digital audio workstation and an extensive selection of microphones and outboard gear. It is fully equipped for stereo, surround and audio-for-video production. The recording studio is connected to seven performance and rehearsal spaces throughout the School of Music. In addition, there are two electronic/computer music studio facilities.