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It is not necessary to rent a professional studio for recording music of acceptable quality, you can create it with your own hands.

What computer do you need to create music? There is an opinion that any computer released after 2001 will be suitable for recording music. This opinion is partially true: all modern PCs cope with multi-channel recording. But there are some nuances. First of all, you need to determine the dimensions of the device. If you expect to use a computer for live performances or plan to make music outside your room, then a laptop is more suitable for you. If such prospects are not so important to you, we advise you to decide on a desktop computer with a large monitor.

How to choose a sound card? The practicability of buying a new sound card instead of the embedded is not in doubt if you expect to engage in music seriously. The characteristics of the embedded audio cards are usually enough for games and movies, but for comfortable work with sound you will need a special device.

What speakers are needed to mix music? Keep in mind that monitors for music mixing are not necessarily acoustics for listening to music. The main criterion when choosing studio speakers is their objectivity. High detail of the entire frequency range will help to hear inaccuracies in mixing, which can be smoothed by speakers with different improvers. The sound we hear is not only the speakers, but also the space we are in. If you do not plan to pay attention to the acoustic properties of the room, it is impractical to buy monitors for thousands of dollars.

Do not forget about the interior of your studio. Paint the walls with top paint sprayer, make an unusual pattern on one of them, add some interesting souvenirs. Voila! A couple of unusual figurines, cool print on the walls and XVLP will make your studio special.