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December 2, 2014
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Beginning and amateur musicians find the recording process to be prohibitively expensive, but with audio editing software, the process of recording, producing and cutting an album becomes open to anyone. Recently, Top Ten Reviews found the best audio editing software for beginners. These applications allow users to create mixes, restore aged recordings, edit audio tracks, record sound from myriad sources and convert products to multiple file types.

"When I was 13, I used to sing and dance in my bedroom, dreaming of becoming a rock star, " confessed Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor for Top Ten Reviews. "With audio editing software, you don't need an advanced music degree to take the first step to producing your songs."

The Top 3:

1. MAGIX Music Maker MX: This audio editing software offers an easy interface for beginners and tutorials to teach advanced techniques. Also, veteran producers will be able to use a plethora of tools without feeling handicapped by the amateur-friendly interface. Less musically inclined users will enjoy the ability to restore old recordings or remix songs from CDs or MP3s.

2. WavePad Master's Edition: This audio editing software caters to more creative users, offering several editing tools and a library with over 1, 000 sounds. For basic recordings and other audio projects, WavePad Master's Edition offers powerful effects and options.

3. AVS Audio Editor: This audio editing software features an intuitive and understandable user interface. When editing a personal music collection, AVS Audio Editor's tools are fluid and easily accessible. Additionally, a wealth of presets offers unique effects.

What Makes Top-Notch Audio Editing Software?

Entry-level audio editing software must fulfill several roles. Users should be able to complete multiple projects and continue to use the programs for a long period. Professional producers will need specialized programs, but beginning and amateur musicians should judge audio editing software on the following criteria.

Audio Editing: Beyond cut, copy and paste functions, top-rated audio editing software features equalizers, mixers, filters and effects. Beginners will use basic editing tools, but as they become more comfortable with the software, advanced tools allow the program to remain relevant and usable.

Filters/Effects: Filters help to pull out undesired sounds or highlight specific elements. Effects build a professional sound with echoes and reverbs. The audio editing software for beginners will offer several presets and tools for both.

Recording/Burning: When recording, audio editing software should import files from the computer and allow live capture from a line-in audio source. At the end of the process, most programs will export a project into a digital file, and the best will also include CD or DVD burning software.

Ease of Use: The interface of an audio editing application must be approachable and understandable. As users learn how to use effects, shortcuts cut down on the production time of a project.

Help/Support: In-program tutorials offer the most help in learning how to use the software, but audio editing software without in-program help must at least offer FAQs and forums online as well as customer and technical support through phone, email or live chat. It's important to be able to contact the manufacturer easily in case there's ever a question or problem with the software

Musicians trying to create a demo or restore or clean up album collections will find flexibility by using audio editing software. By catering to multiple types of projects, audio editing software helps turn amateurs to professionals.

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