Voice Recorder App for iPhone

March 10, 2014
Voice recorder app for iPhone
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iTalk Recorder is a full-featured recording app with a streamlined and intuitive user interface. Press the big red button to record; press it again to stop. You can append to existing recordings, choose from three levels of recording quality (11.025, 22.05, or 44.10 kHz sample rates), and manage your recordings, all with just a fingertip.

You can email recordings straight from iTalk. iTalk also supports direct file sharing through iTunes.

Whether you're recording minutes of a meeting, a lecture, or the sounds of birds singing in a meadow far from any electrical outlets, iTalk Recorder puts the sound quality you need in the palm of your hand.

• High-quality handheld recording
• Easy, convenient user interface and controls
• Email your recordings directly from iTalk
• Supports iTunes File Sharing
• Auto-noise cancellation (on iPhone 4)
• Built-in search function to locate recordings by title
• User-selectable Good, Better, Best sound quality (11.025, 22.05, or 44.10 kHz sample rates)

NOTE FOR iOS 7 & 8 Users: When launching this app for the first time (either as a new purchase or following your device's OS upgrade), please tap OK when iTalk requests permission to access your device's microphone. If you're experiencing blank recordings, please ensure Microphone access is enabled. In the app, go to Settings>Privacy>Microphone and enable iTalk.

iPhone Screenshot 2What's New in Version 4.6.17

This version fixes a bug that would cause the recording timer and "Press to Record" to be overlaid on top of one another.

My favorite live recording app
by wsams

I've been using this app for years to record concerts and other music performances. Between it and an iPhone you can get pretty decent recordings. I also use it with iRig to record guitar and keyboards. The reason I initially used this app was that it recorded while the phone was locked. You can just put it in a pocket and enjoy a concert or other live performance. Highly recommend but I've also not looked for other apps in quite a while. At least 2 years. However I do use other apps like FourTrack and BeatMaker but this is my quick go to for recording live performances.

by XweAponX

Blog of https://medium.com/@Rania_Dalloul/ Rania Dalloul.

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