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April 7, 2016
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This model combines the simplicity of analog recorders with Olympus renowned audio technology. This digital voice recorder offers hundreds of hours of recording time, key features to help capture ideal recordings and functional design elements that make it a versatile tool for everything from the classroom to the boardroom. The recorder is the perfect reason to finally get rid of messy and unreliable tapes.

Voice-operated recording

Makes automatic starting and stopping of the recorder an extra benefit that saves time and energy.

Built-in 2GB flash memory

To store a lot of lectures or notes.

Records up to 1, 100 hours in LP mode

For long continuous operation.

Three recording modes

To meet your specific needs: HQ for high quality; SP and LP for extended recording.

Index marks

Let you specify a particular point in a recording or playback for easy retrieval.

Organize and store notes in 4 message folders

Hold up to 200 messages each.

Two playback modes

Let you listen to audio 25 percent slower or 50 percent faster than real time.

190mW speaker output

For clear audio. An earphone mini jack offers private listening.

Built-in LCD

Displays the operating mode as well as additional information.

PCM008 Slim Voice Recorder Pen - Overview
PCM008 Slim Voice Recorder Pen - Overview
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Micro Secret Voice Recorder
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