Voice activated sound Recorder

August 28, 2016
Voice Activated Sound Recorder

RecordPad Sound Recorder Free for iOS is a simple and easy to use digital audio recorder.

With RecordPad you can record voice and other audio to your iPhone or other IOS device. RecordPad Free can save or send recordings to an email address or FTP server. This digital sound recorder is ideal for recording anything including interviews, presentations, audio notes, and messages in either wav or aiff format. RecordPad Sound Recorder Free is the perfect app for journalists, students, writers, or any other profession where notes are important.

RecordPad is designed to be simple and straightforward to use, yet robust enough for professional and corporate recording applications. You will be able to immediately start a recording, save, and replay the file.

RecordPad Sound Recorder Free Features:
- Record sound, voice, notes, music or any other audio
- Save recordings in wav or aiff format
- Voice activated recording mode allows records only when you are speaking
- Option to automatically send recordings via email or upload to an FTP server
- Automatically delete old recordings from your phone
- Wave encoding at sample rates between 6000 and 441000Hz in PCM or many other codecs and bits

I just wasted $3!!! Try to save yours.
by EricdGzmn

Just bought the upgrade to be able to record different file file types only to find out that it only records ip to 5 minutes of audio and it was asking me to cough up another $3 to get rid of that limitation. I wish the most terrible karma to the creators of this junk.

Unlimited recording
by GaryFlyboy

I recorded 4 hours and then I bought the app works great.

Update needs some work
by RadioTodd

Loved this app, but the update is really buggy. App crashes, audio gets cut off at the end. Please rework this.

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