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November 15, 2016
B.S. in Music Industry and

Read about your education options in sound recording technology, and the coursework and audition prerequisites for degree programs. Explore the diverse careers available in audio recording, along with their salaries and job forecasts. Schools offering .

What You Need to Know

Sound recording technology is a field that focuses on creating, mixing and editing live and recorded instrumental music and singing performances. As a professional in the field, you will use digital and electronic recording equipment to produce musical broadcasts, CDs or movie soundtracks.

Degrees Associate's Degree Programs in Audio Engineering, Recording Technology, Sound Recording Technology and Music Technology, Bachelor's Degree Programs in Sound Recording Technology, Audio Production and Music Production, Master's Degree Programs in Sound Recording Technology and Recording Arts and Technologies, Ph.D. in Music Technology
Certificates Certificate in Audio Recording Technology or Music Production and Audio Recording Technology
Courses Digital audio workstation editing, sound design for music production, mix lab, record lab, MIDI and music synthesis, multitrack recording, digital audio studio

What Degrees Are Available?

At the 2-year undergraduate level, you can earn an Associate of Applied Science in Sound Recording Technology, Sound Recording and Music Technology or Recording Technology. A 4-year program might lead to a Bachelor of Science in Sound Recording Technology or a Bachelor of Music in Sound Recording Technology. At the graduate level, you can earn a Master of Music in Sound Recording Technology, a Master of Fine Arts in Recording Arts and Technologies, a Master of Music Technology or a Doctor of Philosophy in Music Technology or Computer-Based Music Theory and Acoustics.

Most of these programs are only available on campus. However, a few bachelor's degree programs may be available entirely online. Certain related courses, such as music business, are more commonly found online and may be credited toward your overall degree.

Sound Recording Studio
Sound Recording Studio
Recording and Music Technology - Madison Media Institute
Recording and Music Technology - Madison Media Institute
Math Class by Ryan Shukis (Alfred State College of Technology)
Math Class by Ryan Shukis (Alfred State College of Technology)
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