Recordable sound Chips

April 30, 2014
10sec Recordable Voice Module

Design Features:

  • Record messages up to 10 seconds. Yes, you can re-record your squeeze modules until you achieve desired results!
  • Squeeze Module Size: (Plastic box is 1 ½” x 2” x ¾” inches; Squeeze button is ½”); Recommended for stuffed animals up to 10” tall and up to 10” wide.
  • Squeeze Sound modules automatically play your message each time the squeeze button is pressed. The white plastic box holds the speaker components.
  • Depending on usage, the battery will last several months.
  • Instructions Included:

    1. Squeeze button attached to red / black wire and record into small round microphone.
    2. Play back by squeezing the button attached to the yellow/black wire. This is the button that goes into the paw area of the animal to playback your message each time it is squeezed.
    RECORDABLE STUFFED BEAR OPTION: You can create recordable stuffed animals by inserting the recordable squeeze button in one paw and the playback squeeze button in the other paw. Example: Squeeze left paw to record and right paw to playback.
    3. Place white plastic box and all wires (inside stuffed animal) in chest area and the yellow/black wire should extend down the arm of your stuffed animal with the squeeze button placed in the paw area.

Your order is shipped USPS priority mail - guaranteed 2 - 3 days. All products are tested prior to shipping to insure workability.

Please call us to for express shipping: 877-545-2343

*Please Note: We accept international orders for recordable sound modules. ($100 minimum)

Sold in sets of 10
If you would like specific quantities over 10, please call us!

***Heart Shaped modules are out of stock.***


Heart Shaped Squeeze Button Recordable Sound Module

Standard Squeeze Button Recordable Sound Module

Sound Expressions, LLC is America's leader in personalized talking sound modules, greeting cards, brochures, and favors for businesses and special events. The mission of the company is to create quality custom products which are multi-sensory in design encouraging creativity and full self-expression.

Our Product Guarantee/Return Policy:

All sound modules and sound cards are tested prior to shipping and we guarantee workability.
If problems should occur, we agree to replace or exchange any non-working modules returned to us within 30 days.

Recordable Voice Chips
Recordable Voice Chips
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