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July 28, 2016
Lecture Recorder on the Mac

Powerful, intuitive, a must-have on my Mac.


None I can think of, and I have been using this thing for ages


Great with "Fission, " also by Rogue Amoeba

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Ease of use, records from virtually any audio source.

You need to activate its "Instant On" feature (under "Install extras") to avoid the hassle of restarting your audio source before recording.

Useful for any audio recording need, this is a must-have app.

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Can record the output of running programs or the computer's microphone in several useful formats.

Interface is slightly confusing, but easy to use once it is understood.

For the breadth of features the price is reasonable.

The all-purpose recording software, allowing for format customization from any source.

None come to mind.

An indispensible application for anyone who wants to record from online resources.

Easy to use.

None that I can find as yet.

I am looking forward to fully exploring all the features of this program. I bought it to copy some material from old reel to reel tapes and it worked so well. Some of the tapes are fifty years old and the quality is unbelievable. One of the programs that I recorded was a Jazz concert that my husband had played in fifty years ago. We wanted to see if we could transfer it before the tape was totally beyond playing. Now I just have to take the time to find out how to use the other tools in the program. Do you have a program that will do video and audio together?

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how to get sound with any EasyCap on Mac
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How to record sound in bandicam free.Windows/Mac.
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