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June 7, 2016
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AudioRecorder FeaturedWhen you first think about Elias Limneos’ AudioRecorder 2 tweak ($3.99), the words “creepy” or “spying” or “illegal” may come to your mind. That’s because we usually associate recording phone calls with one of those words.

And trust me, AudioRecorder 2 features a few legal warnings that you have to work through before you can use it. There’s even a detailed legal disclaimer in the tweak’s description on Cydia.

AudioRecorder 2 PreferencesBut viewing AudioRecorder as a way to do bad things is totally unfair to such a great tweak. Not only is this release well-designed and extremely functional, it contains a bevy of practical elements that many may find useful.

AudioRecorder 2 is an impressive jailbreak tweak that allows you to record phone calls from a variety of sources and also lets you record system audio. You may be familiar with other jailbreak releases by Limneos, such as CallBar and BioProtect. AudioRecorder 2 lives up to the benchmark set by those two tweaks. Have a look at our full video walkthrough for the details.

Once you install AudioRecorder 2, you’ll need to become familiar with three different areas: Audio Recorder 2’s preferences, the app interface, and the manual interface.

AudioRecorder 2 warningsPreferences

The AudioRecorder 2 preferences is where you go to initially configure the way the tweak works. You’ll find a kill-switch, and a few global settings for providing audible warnings for in-progress recordings.

You’ll also need to establish an Activator gesture that can be used to invoke the AudioRecorder manual interface. This manual interface will allow you to start and stop recordings while anywhere on the iPhone.

AudioRecorder 2 SharingLastly, you can establish recording settings for system audio, telephony calls, FaceTime calls, and Skype calls. The system audio option allows you to record any audio that comes in or out from you iPhone while an application is using the speaker or microphone.

The telephony, FaceTime, and Skype options all feature the same settings. You have the ability to record all calls automatically, or keep the audio recording on a manual basis, accessed via the aforementioned Activator gesture. You can also choose to auto record specified contacts, but I found this setting to be lacking in function in the version I tried.

Audio Recorder 2 app interface

The app interface is where all recordings are housed and managed. From here, you can play recordings, purge them, and share them using the iOS 8 share sheet.

Audio Recorder 0.2-247 For iPhone [CRACKED DEB DOWNLOAD
Audio Recorder 0.2-247 For iPhone [CRACKED DEB DOWNLOAD ...
Audio Recorder - Graba todas tus llamadas desde el iPhone
Audio Recorder - Graba todas tus llamadas desde el iPhone
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