Recording sound Card

April 12, 2016
Song recording sound card

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i.e. how to record what you hear on your computer speakers, e.g. streaming audio from a youtube video or a webpage that is playing audio.

i used this short post to help me figure it out:

note: i use the default unity interface

click on the System Settings icon in the side bar:

click on Sound

click on the Hardware tab
select Internal Audio
choose the Analog Stereo Output Profile

click on the Output tab
select Internal Audio Analog Stereo

now close the system settings window

start audacity
make sure output device and input device are set to default:


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I've recently published my 50th track! Yea! I've also uploaded all my music on soundcloud and updated the music page ...
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Good things come to those who wait-Nickleus is now on spotify =)
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I've posted some more music recently and I'm celebrating the fact that I now have 5 albums! Hurra!
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50 tracks! Now on Spotify!
Model Sounds Inc. Sound Card Demo
Model Sounds Inc. Sound Card Demo
Spatial Sound Card - Raumklang auf dem Kopfhörer
Spatial Sound Card - Raumklang auf dem Kopfhörer
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