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November 25, 2016
It is a free online sound

Audio engineering deals with the recording, mixing and producing of music, as well as other forms of audio. Among the sites offering free online courses in audio engineering are colleges and universities, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Utah State University. Both institutions offer free online courses in composing, recording and processing audio material. Students do not have to pay to utilize the course materials or lectures and no credits or credentials are awarded.

Free Audio Engineering Courses and Classes

Every audio engineer must understand acoustics. This course explains how sound moves and how it is perceived. There are lecture notes in PDF (Portable Document Format) on a variety of topics, including the acoustic wave equation, spherical waves, cylindrical waves and spherical multipole radiation. There are also assignments and a quiz with solutions.

Students learn how sound can be utilized when using the computer to compose electronic music. The course works with five modules that cover the following: musique concrète, content and form; continuity and feedback; layers and noise; interactions, synthesis, algorithm; and polishing, sampling, remixing. Each module has lab assignments and lecture transcripts. Additional assignments are also included, as well as links to audio samples.

This course surveys the use of technology in musical history from the nineteenth century to present time. Students learn about the history of radio and digital audio, modern recording studios, live electronics, turntables and MIDI through a series of lectures and videos. Additionally, the syllabus provides links to audio recordings available online. Special software is required to complete the course, but it is provided for free.

Digital audio is the driving force behind how people are able to listen to and enjoy recorded sound. This course is aimed at individuals who want to learn to create and share digital audio tracks or those who need to upgrade their skills to keep up with technological advances. Students use digital tools to edit, record and reproduce sound tracks. They also learn to use Audacity, software used for editing audio.

This course, which combines art with technology, introduces students to the various technological advances used to make music. Students learn how to manipulate and send out sound, as well as how to store it, while also becoming familiar with electronic musical instruments. Legal issues involving music technology are also discussed.

This OCW class is about acoustics and sound. There are eight modules included, and each module consists of multiple mini-lessons. Modules include musical acoustics, the human voice, electroacoustics and electronic music. A comprehensive glossary is also available.

This three minute and fifty second video lecture on music production, offered for free on YouTube, correlates with an online critical listening course offered through the Berklee School of Music in California. This is one of several videos provided by Dan Thompson, who is a writer and a recording and recording engineer. In the video. Dr. Thompson discusses how to listen critically to determine what sound combinations are needed to get the best musical sound.

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