Bigfoot sound Recordings

November 23, 2016
Bigfoot or animals?

Feel free to email the sound files as attachments to anyone you know who lives in a sighting area. Ask them if they have heard any of these sounds before. If they have, please ask them to let us know through the BFRO's sighting report form (click here)

Northwest 911 Call

This sound file contains excerpts from an authentic 911 call from the Pacific Northwest. The incident happened on the Kitsap Peninsula, Washington State, in the 1990's (not the 1970's).

The sheriffs did show up eventually, but the figure was gone at that point-it didn't stick around for long.

The dispatcher's protocol was to verify man's name and address in the beginning. She does that in the unedited, original version of the 911 call. The original version also has some pauses where only the dispatcher's typing is heard.

In order to make the sound clip as compact as possible, everything extraneous has been removed. The clip only contains the parts of the conversation related to the appearance and behavior of the figure outside. All other dialogue is either irrelevant or personal.

This recording, and several others from the field, were collected over the past four decades by Ron Morehead (California) and Al Berry (California). Their collections of recordings are available on CD We highly recommend them.

The 911 call is available on the Sierra Sounds, Bigfoot Recordings, Volume 2 CD. The CD contains the 911 call along with other historically important clips from Berry-Morehead Expeditions in the 1970's.

Moaning Howls ("Ohio Howls")

Moaning howls are thought to be made by large, male sasquatches.

  • Click here for the 1994 Ohio Howl This was the first recording ever obtained of a long moaning howl vocalization. It was recorded in Columbiana County, in the hills above Wellsville. These moaning siren-like howls can be heard on occassion late at night in the Fall, echoing off hills on both sides the Ohio River. West Virginia is on the other side of the river.
  • The 2004 Mississippi Howl clip
    • The Full Recording (MP3 format; 387KB)
      Warning: The recording is soft-you will likely need to turn up your volume quite a bit to hear it well.

    The Mississippi Howl is the second recording of this type. It was recorded by BFRO Investigator John Callender (an airline pilot from Seattle) in a forested part of Mississippi in December 2004, near a large military reserve. The rural area where the recording was made has had many sightings by local residents.

    Whoops and...

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Most Terrifying Bigfoot Sounds Caught On Tape
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Bigfoot Sounds In Oregon - Sound enhanced
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Possible Bigfoot Sounds Recorded In Mississippi
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