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January 6, 2017

Recording voice, music, or sound effects can be fun and easy. However, if you want to get the best transfer of a tape or LP to your computer, or record your garage band, you'll find that recording can be more difficult than it first appears, unless you arm yourself with a little basic knowledge. The pages listed here are currently a work in progress, providing many useful tips.

There are several weaknesses here for outright beginners seeking help:
  • little information (in one place) about different types of microphone and where to find them
  • no information about how to connect a guitar to a computer
Please help by adding information if you can.

Recording Hardware and Software Tips

Recording a guitar. This requires a usually-USB analog-to-digital converter box. These typically accept a variety of different inputs including 1/4" and XLR. Some offer phantom power for mics and have various controllable parameters. Another option is direct 1/4"-USB adapter cables. These just plug into a USB port and you plug your guitar into the other end. However, you get nowhere near the capability of using a general USB converter box.

  • These devices usually have USB connections to the computer, and are often known generally as "USB boxes". There are similar devices that connect to the Firewire ports commonly found on Macintosh computers.
  • These devices are available from many merchants such as GuitarCenter (also Other sources on the web include Amazon and

Applied Techniques and Tips

Peter 30Sep14: When 2.0.7 is released the above link can go directly to the anchor "sync" I added in the 2.0.7 Manual today.

How to get a screen recorder/record sound
How to get a screen recorder/record sound
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best free screen recorder (bsr) + license
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