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September 26, 2016
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If you are using an external Microphone, you must first plug this microphone into your computer. The sockets are on your sound card are located at the back of your computer, but can occasionally be found on the front. The socket you want to plug the microphone into is usually pink (microphone) and located next to two other sockets; one green (speakers) and the other blue (line in).

On lower quality sound cards there may be only two sockets, one for speaker out and one for line in. If this is the case use the line in. The sockets will be labelled so if they are not colored you will be able to see a microphone symbol (for the microphone socket) or an arrow pointing downwards (for the line in socket). If you cannot establish which one to use you can find it by trial and error.

On Board
If you are using a microphone built into your computer skip to the section "Windows Audio Settings"

  • You can open the windows audio Settings in several ways:

Option 1:
Double click the audio tray icon represented by the speaker

Option 2:
Click Start -> Click Run -> Type sndvol32.exe /rec

Option 3:
Click Start -> Click Control Panel -> Click Sounds and Audio Devices -> Click Advanced

It is likely that after completing one of the processes above you will have opened the volume control window and not the recording control window. The volume control window adjust the playback volume. We need the recording control window to adjust the recording volume. You can switch to this window by:

Clicking 'Options' in the top toolbar -> Click 'Properties'-> Select the 'Recording' box under the heading 'Adjust Volume for' -> Click 'Okay'

  1. Ensure that the "Select" box is ticked under the Microphone (or Line In) input and that the volume is turned up all the way.
  2. If you see "Mute" boxes instead of "Select", check all Mute boxes other than Microphone.
  3. Also make sure volumes for the Inputs you are not using are turned down
  4. If your Microphone Input has an "Advanced" button next to it you may wish at this point to Click advanced -> Select Microphone Boost -> Click Close
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