Music Recorder and Editor

September 11, 2016

It packs in just about every function I want. In the main window, there are recorder tool for recording anything I like, CD loader to directly load audio tracks without the audio CD ripper, edit function such as cut, copy, delete, mix, etc., various effects that you can add to the audio like echo, fade, emplify and so on.


Not yet, everything's great for me and my friends!


It's a necessary tool for whom need to create a music studio.

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It is awesome to recorder my baby's sound and then edit it with your Total Recorder Editor. I added some audio effects to the recording and now I use it as my ringtone.

Everything is laid out so nicely and it's so user-friendly.

Very intuitive! I'm impressed by the number of effects and the presets. Highly rec.

Works perfectly. It deals with audio files and provides many audio effects.

None, it's very nice.

Easy to understand and use, even if u dont understand what ur doing, ur still able to produce original music or change other music to sound different.

Not free forever, thats all I have to say, if it stayed free, a lot more ppl would use it, even if some of the things on it remained unavailable with a free version, it would still be fun to muck around with it.

It records vinyl to MP3s, as promised


Bottom line? I deleted this pathetic program off my computer and installed something else.

Easy to use program for both beginning and advanced producers.

If wizard mode can be added, it will be better as i'm a nub.

Could record any sound from online television and other audio files. Really a great product for any producer. 5/5 on ease of use and interface.

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simple and easy to use, friendly interface

i think it takes a little bit more time to convert files, but thats nothing as it works and outputs pretty well

This program really does the job. It's very easy to use and of course.

Haven't found anything wrong with it, as of yet.

Love it.

It is a complete program to record and edit audio streams.

I have used the full version of both 7.1 and 11.5 and the latter use up all my cpu but the former is so lite!!

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