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June 13, 2016
LAME MP3 encoder 3.99.5
Accessed by: then choosing MP3 Files from the Save as type dropdown menu. MP3ExportOptions.png Also accessed by: then choosing MP3 Files from the Save as type dropdown menu. In this case the options dialog will appear in the center of the Export Multiple dialog.

Bit Rate Mode

These offer four different ways to control the trade-off between the size and quality of the exported files.

  • Preset: This gives you a choice of four presets recommended by the developers. Each preset is a combination of various encoding parameters as shown in the table below. These are the recommended, easy to use settings; choose one unless you have reason to experiment with other parameters. As a rough guide to the claims made for these presets, uncritical listeners with quality equipment may perceive a file encoded with Extreme preset to be indistinguishable from the original, and those with budget equipment should perceive little difference from the original file with Standard preset.

    The Insane preset is, as opposed to the used by the other presets. Files encoded with Insane preset take a fixed 2.2 MB per minute, often double the size of Extreme preset, with very little audible improvement.

Gale 15Dec12: Modified the below table which had values apparently from but which are incorrect for our past recommended LAME 3.98.2 or current 3.99.3 on Windows (according to MediaInfo).
  • -b is 32 and applies irrespective of fast or standard setting
  • low pass values were incorrect. I show 3.99.3 on Windows but in 3.98.2, Extreme low pass was at a more reasonable 19500 - I haven't found any explanation of this decision in 3.99, only questions about it.
I wonder if we really want to maintain this table?LAME Presets Encoding Details
(correct for LAME 3.99.3 on Windows)
Preset Target kbps kbps range -b switch
Insane 320 20500
Extreme 245 220-260 32 22100 Hz
Standard 190 170-210 18500 Hz
Medium 165 145-185 17500 Hz
Audacity - localizar lame mp3 encoder
Audacity - localizar lame mp3 encoder
Audacity and LAME MP3 Encoder Install Tutorial
Audacity and LAME MP3 Encoder Install Tutorial
Audacity LAME MP3 Encoder
Audacity LAME MP3 Encoder
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