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June 1, 2016
Canorus - music score editor

PROS / Sound Studio 4 has a customizable toolbar so that you can create a toolbar you are comfortable using.

CONS / It doesn't have tools to remove unwanted hum from your audio.

VERDICT / This is a good audio editing program for a beginner to learn how to record and edit music.

Sound Studio 4 is a Mac audio editor with a customizable toolbar and plenty of editing tools. You can use this sound editor to record a single audio file, which works great for podcasts. This software is fairly simple to use, and it's a good place for the novice audio engineer to begin.

When you open Sound Studio 4, the toolbar atop your wave editor is fairly empty. You can customize the toolbar to look any way that you'd like, and you can add as many tools and icons as you want. This helps create a workflow that works best for you.

This sound editing software for Mac currently doesn't have any tools to remove unwanted hum from your audio recordings. If you have a noisy air duct that is humming in the background of one of your recordings, it will be difficult to successfully remove the noise from your recording.

You can connect a microphone into your computer and record using a USB microphone or an audio interface. Sound Studio cannot record more than one audio source at a time, which means it does have multi-tracking capabilities. This software is more for recording podcasts than live-band tracking.

You can use this audio editing software for Mac to extract audio data from video files and edit the sound. We tested each program with seven different video files, and Sound Studio 4 was able to extract audio data from M4V, MOV and MPG video files. It was unable to extract audio files from DIVX, DV, MPG and WMV video files.

This Mac audio software gives you the flexibility to edit, save and export a wide variety of file formats. You won't have to worry about running into compatibility issues with OGG, FLAC or M4A file formats, as Sound Studio can import and edit them.

If you need additional help or instructions on how to use Sound Studio 4, there is a user manual within the help section of the software. You can also email the manufacturer if you have any other questions.


Sound Studio doesn't have the audio cleanup tools that other audio editors boast, but you can customize your toolbar so you can edit the way you want. This software is a good place to start if you are a beginner audio editor.

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