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June 2, 2016
Edit video soundtracks/audio

I edit a podcast every week using this app and it makes my workflow seamless. The assignable keystrokes are splendid and the UI is easy to master. The service and support from NCH Software is top shelf and instant. I had problems with my old version running on Yosemite and the team at NCH verified my purchase and gave me a code to access the new update instantly.


It would be awesome if in a future update you could set the app to remove silence by choosing the length, ie. 1 second to 10 seconds depending on the gaps and pregnant pauses in your interviews or conversations. Other than that it's excellent.


I highly recommend this app to anyone who edits tedious recordings such as interviews, monologues or radio plays. Two thumbs up.

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?customizable too-bar
?easy to use by exploring features
?good help features, fully explanatory
?has every audio editing feature I can imagine
*reasonable upgrade price (currently $50)
?program has never crashed, in 3.5 years of use

?allows use on only 1 device; when upgrading to a new Mac, I was forced to upgrade WavePad
?bookmarking feature does not allow direct entry of time, & it can be difficult to select exact time with cursor; but alternately, I can enter a time range for the "Go to" feature & select music passages from there

I don't do a whole lot of things when editing music & I stick to the most basic (I need only to trim & insert silences, cut, paste, fade in & out, amplify, change tags, change bitrates, & a few other things), but WavePad performs all of these directly & simply & quickly. It works with all common file types that I've encountered, including mp3, wav, ogg, arc, m4a, mov, etc.).
I tried other audio programs years ago, & WavePad suited me the best; I have no reason to need another audio program.
It's quite intuitive after getting the hang of it. The trick is not to get intimidated by the multitude of tasks it performs-if you don't need it, just ignore it. If an audio task you need to perform, this program has it.
I'd like to see a WavePad "Light" (similar in concept to PhotoShop "Elements"), a program that's not for pros, just for amateurs like me who want to do the simple stuff.
Also, I'd appreciate not having to upgrade WavePad when upgrading my computer.

Updated on Sep 7, 2014

Please forgive the question marks at the front of each line. On my monitor, they appeared as "bullets", & I don't see a way to edit my review to correct this.

For the 3rd year in a row this is toptenreview's Gold Metal winning audio editor! It's the only one with all the features they judge and I have to agree that I love this product after using it for years. Highly recommend!

No problems on my end!

easy to use, intuitive interface
works well

too many extra-cost add-ons - are they selling this piecemeal?

not worth the price when there are similar useable produces that are free

The whole concept of Skype is great, especially when you get to see and talk with our grandchildren.

This application still seems to take up a lot space on my desktop, so I am forced to move it all to the right off screen most of the time.

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Understandable at a glance!

My 14-day trial ran out in 7, giving me time to convert into mp3s only 11 audio cassettes out of fifty!

I'm going to have to buy this software! Got LPs I want to convert into mp3s, too!

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I like the easy to use interface and the simplicity of the program. WavePad has sophisticated tools that are easy to use.

It seems to me they should create one program that would run on a PowerPC or Intel operating system.

I was very happy with Mac version of WavePad and performed beyond my expectation.

Very easy to edit. Anyone, not dumb enough, could use it effectively.

My only gripe is that when I finish editing I hear (barely) some clicks and Pops

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