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March 15, 2017
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Smart Voice Recorder – the name says it all!Is a powerful sound recording app that is rammed with useful functionality. Whether you need to record interviews, meetings, talks, appointments or other events, the app is intuitive, user-friendly and very effective.

Price: Free

Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • High quality recordings!
  • Simple to use!
  • Live audio spectrum analyzer!
  • Skip silence mode!
  • Nice user interface!


I have recently needed to start recording certain meetings I attend and, after a few disappointments with other apps, I stumbled upon Smart Voice Recorder. Now, I know the app isn’t new but it continues to be updated so definitely worth considering. Additionally, for a free application, the performance and functionality is outstanding.

Straight off the bat it is incredibly easy to use. As soon as you open the app up you have a beautiful big red timer which, when pressed, starts recording audio. So, if you need to capture something fast, this is just awesome. When you finish recording, simply press finish and the app lets you save and rename the file you have created. If you want something, quick, easy and intuitive, you cannot go wrong.

If however, you want to make some tweaks, just head to the menu and settings. Here you can select automatic or manual skip silence mode. The app detects when there is silence and when there is sound. That way, if there is a lengthy pause in the meeting or talk, the app can remove the silent patches, meaning you save time in playback.

You can also adjust the sample rate quality- there are several settings between 8kHz (phone quality) to 44.1kHz which is the equivalent quality of a CD. Obviously file size and duration is affected by the higher the quality, but audiophiles have plenty of options to play with. There are further options to calibrate the microphone and ensure it is picking up the sounds you want it to.

There are a few more functional settings to adjust should you see fit. These include where the recordings are saved to and whether you see notifications in the status bar. If you’re recording a long meeting, you can set your device’s screen to shut off- while still maintaining the recording- to preserve battery, which is a neat touch.

So, whether you are recording a friend singing karaoke really badly or an important sales meeting, it’s a simple yet powerful little application that, above all folks, is free.

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