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June 8, 2016
Campus Police Use Software To

Awards Tracking

Award tracking is now in one place. Mozo automatically calculates and displays each child’s awards earned during a club meeting, helping you recognize kids’ achievements with confidence. Plus, Mozo’s helpful summary, organized by type of award, even makes gathering those emblems and jewels a snap!


Taking attendance is simple. No more paper rosters to mark and hand off to a secretary to record in a master database or binder. Now leaders can take and view attendance with Mozo without having to re-record it anywhere.

Leader Resources

Don’t have time to attend an all-day training? With Mozo, go no further than your desktop or mobile device to access leadership development tools from Awana. Grow your leadership on your terms and in your time.

And leader resources don’t end at training. Ever have to lead Large Group or Game Time on short notice? Mozo lets you access a whole library of great lesson and game ideas for inspiration.


Mozo is built with mobile devices in mind, and will work within the Web browser of any mobile device—from the iPad® and iPhone® to Android™ tablets and devices.


For those who prefer to work from a computer, you’re covered too. Just use your web browser to access all that Mozo has to offer.


To continually serve you better we will add, adjust, and enhance content and capabilities based on the feedback from Mozo users. So, if there is a feature you’d like added, know that Mozo will keep getting better as it grows.

Mozo is software in ongoing development. Appearance subject to change.


We want every club, regardless of size, to benefit from all the features available in Mozo. That’s why we built a cost-effective pricing structure to allow you to provide the full range of Mozo benefits to every leader – not just commanders, directors, or club secretaries. Churches that already pay the Classic Membership fee will get access to leader development (training) resources housed within Mozo. Prices for additional Mozo features are described below.

Pricing tiers for the full Mozo experience begin as low as per month and the cost includes your annual Awana Membership.

What kind of device or computer is needed to run Mozo?

As long as your device can access the Internet, it can run Mozo.
Mozo is a mobile-responsive, Web-based tool. This means you can open it in the Web browser on your tablet, phone or any mobile device and it will be easy to use. It will also work well within the Web browser on a laptop or desktop computer.

How is data stored in Mozo?

All data collected through Mozo is stored in the “cloud, ” i.e. Web servers. Information is not stored locally on devices.

What if I am currently using another recordkeeping software package?

Your church can continue using any third-party recordkeeping products. But, in addition to attendance and recordkeeping features Mozo gives you a library of leader resources – from Large Group lesson ideas to leader training materials.

Is it possible to transfer information from third-party providers’ programs (ARK and Approved Workman, among others) into Mozo?

We are looking into migration options for users of ARK and Approved Workman that choose to move to Mozo, and will share what we know about that as we learn more.

Does Mozo integrate with church management systems?

Mozo does not interface directly with any other software upon its initial release. We will consider those opportunities as the platform is developed.

Will this be available for clubs outside the U.S.?

Mozo is now available in the U.S. We are planning releases in Canada and elsewhere beginning in fall 2016.

MOZO Overview Video
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