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March 4, 2017

See how video can improve outcomes in your classroom. Teachers and online trainers use ScreenFlow to record lectures, tutorials, or rich-media presentations. Many educators use ScreenFlow to "flip" their classroom – recording high quality video presentations for students to view for homework, and using class time for more personalized learning.

Why use video for education:

  • Engage students and reach those with a variety of learning styles
  • Stimulate classroom discussion
  • Reinforce lectures and assignments
  • Provide a common experience for students to discuss
  • Maximize teacher’s time – one explanation, thousands of views

Why use ScreenFlow?

  • Easy to use, easy to learn: ScreenFlow is easy to use and easy to learn – even if you have no experience creating video.
  • Record everything: Record your computer screen and / or your video camera and add your own narration.
  • Easy video editing: Easily add zoom & pan effects, trim clips, add drop shadow & reflection, adjust audio levels, and more.
  • Closed caption support with SRT import: Add, edit and publish ADA Compliant soft subtitles as caption tracks to your MPEG-4 movies (suitable for playback with an iPhone & iPad) and YouTube videos. Import your SRT files for use with the ScreenFlow caption editor.
  • Share with the world: The variety of export formats allows you to produce content for all your students, regardless what media player they prefer.

Ways to use video in the classroom

  • “Flip” your classroom – Record your lectures and assign them as homework. This lets you use valuable classroom time for discussion and helping students complete assignments.
  • Record class lectures – Record the lectures you give in class and make that available for your students. These recordings are a great resource for students to look back at what was said in class.
  • Assign video projects – Students live in a digital world. Assigning video projects not only prepares them for the workforce, but also encourages creativity and collaboration.
  • Provide instructions – This is great to use when assigning a science or special project. Record the instructions, with examples, so your students will always have them available as they complete the project. You can also include samples of projects from past years, or examples of what works and what doesn’t.
  • Classroom blogs – Create a video blog and give your students specific assignments to post videos on a regular basis, You can have them post their reactions to reading or other assignments or let them drive a classroom blog that highlights the happenings in the classroom.
  • Provide feedback to assignments – This is especially useful for video projects, but can also be helpful for other projects where the student would benefit from some detailed explanation.

Professional and corporate trainers use ScreenFlow to provide online, on-demand video training as a cost-effective and flexible alternative to live training. The beauty of ScreenFlow is that you only need to record your message once and students can access the video at any time that fits their schedule. Whether you’re a corporate trainer aiming to train employees, or you’re a professional educator creating Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), ScreenFlow lets you easily create and share professional-looking video.

  • Professional editing options: The easy-to-use editing interface lets you creatively edit your video, and add additional images, text, music and transitions for a professional-looking video
  • Add Keynote/PowerPoint slides: Record slide presentations, and add a picture-in-picture video shot of the presenter for an engaging presentation
  • Easy sharing options: Publish to YouTube, Wistia, Google Drive, Facebook and Dropbox with just a few clicks
  • Batch export: Export multiple files to the same settings simultaneously.

Examples of ScreenFlow for Online Training

Create videos to promote your applications and bring in more revenue. ScreenFlow provides all the elements you need to create professional-looking App previews or software demonstrations. Record your iOS screen or computer screen, highlight areas of interest, add text, then edit the whole thing and save it as a video ready to be shared with the world.

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