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December 16, 2016
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Many people adore playing games and recording their triumph moments in “Warcraft”, “World of Tanks”, “Dota”, “Call of Duty”. They often upload gameplay screencasts on YouTube and share video game recordings with friends. If you want to show off your video games success, check our list of three most popular screen recorders for video capturing on PC.

How to Record Games on PC

All 3 programs have a similar workflow. Let’s learn quickly how to use them:
Step 1. Install Bandicam, Fraps or Camtasia (see additional info below);
Step 2. Adjust recording settings to your needs;
Step 3. Click the Record button and start the game;
Step 4. Finish playing and hit the Stop button;
Step 5. Save your game play video on your PC, edit or upload it to Twitch, YouTube.

FrapsNow let’s examine each game capturing software in details.


Bandicam is a simple tool to record HD and non-HD videos. The main advantage of the program is the possibility to choose a video quality and video compression level. The functions of turning on/off computer sounds and pausing the recording seem very handy as well. Especially the last one, it will prevent you from annoying video joining. But be careful while installing Bandicam. Some unwanted toolbar may stick to your computer. Free version of Bandicam gives you only 10 minutes of video making and shows constantly enormous number of alerts.

The bottom line: though the size of the software itself is small, video production quality is astonishing.


Camtasia is the third most popular “game-memorizer” with video editing features. You can decide whether you need sounds or not and tune the volume. The feature “minimalization” saves the video quality. And the buttons “remove”, “pause”, “stop”, seem quite convenient, don’t they? But the quality is a bit poorer than provided by Fraps. And free Camtasia trial version lasts only 30 days from installation.

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