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December 17, 2016
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For voice recording, you're at the right place. It's simply nothing like anything else you’ve seen before.

Why so?
★★★ Reviewed and approved by Google for inclusion in “Google Play for Education”
★★★ Fulfills any voice recording facility you may need
★★★ Integrates cool technology with AMAZING navigability and UI design
★★★ Fully functional add supported version available for free; limited period only

“Smart Voice Recorder MP3” App is designed to provide you the easiest and most simple audio and voice recorder experience. Use this App to record your meetings, conferences, interviews, classes, lectures or whatever else you might need directly onto MP3 format for as long as you want. This app can start/stop recordings in the background by pressing ‘volume up’ and then ‘volume down’ of your device within 3 sec. It essentially fulfills all user requirements and much more, guaranteeing a fun, effortless and efficient functional performance. You will never need another voice recording app again.

If you are using the Smart Call Recorder MP3 or Call Recorder MP3 app (A Glovantech product), uninstall that before installing this Voice Recorder app. All your earlier recordings are safe and will be available in this Voice Recorder.
This app requires "Google Play Services" v4.0 or above and "Google Play" client version 3.9.16 or higher.

Main features:
★★★Hardware button activated background voice recording: Press ‘volume up’ and ‘volume down’ button once within 3 sec (Unique useful feature, hardly available in any recording app. This feature is available when device screen is not locked.)
★★★Direct record to MP3 Format regulated by availability of space on the device
★★★Start a new voice recording as soon as you finish the previous recording, while MP3 file conversion is taking place
★★★No more waiting for MP3 file conversion ... play the recording even while conversion is taking place
★★★Convenience Factor: to save and rename recorded MP3 files and to upload onto Google Drive without Google Drive installation
★★★Organization Capacity: ‘Sort By’: name, date, size, ascending/descending; share; delete; rename and search
★★★Backup options: Upload onto Google Drive or PC
★★Simple and cool UI design
★★Automatic microphone gain calibration before new recording start
★★Pause/resume/cancel recording
★★Advanced Voice Recording setup
★Inhibition of Record-Pause-Resume functions as per convenience
★Availability of Skip Silence option
★Automatic pause recording during phone calls
★Alternate launching option: Open MP3 Voice Recorder icon and touch the record icon of the RECORDER tab
★Default installation onto the device’s SD card/external storage
For more information, please see the FAQ page:

The 'Premium Upgrade' of the FREE version have same features.

INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Used for Ad loading/ in-app purchase.
RECORD_AUDIO: Audio recording is the main feature of this app.
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Playback recordings.
GET_ACCOUNTS: Required for Google Drive backup.
MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS: Used for audio recorder tuning.
READ_PHONE_STATE: Optionally pause recording if the device is in a phone call.
WAKE_LOCK: Continue MP3 conversion without break.
BILLING: In-app Premium Upgrade.

Für Sprachaufnahmen, sind Sie am richtigen Ort. Es ist einfach nichts, wie alles, was Sie bisher gesehen haben.

Warum so?
★★★ Bewertet von Google für die Aufnahme in zugelassenen "Google Play für Bildung"
★★★ Erfüllt jede Sprachaufzeichnung Einrichtung, die Sie benötigen,
★★★ integriert coole Technologie mit ERSTAUNLICHE Schiffbarkeit und UI-Design
★★★ Voll funktionsfähige Add unterstützte Version kostenlos zur Verfügung; Nur begrenzte Zeit

"Smart Voice Recorder MP3" App wurde entwickelt, um Ihnen die einfachste und einfache Audio- und Voice-Recorder-Erlebnis zu bieten. Verwenden Sie diese App, um Ihre Tagungen, Konferenzen, Interviews, Kurse, Vorträge oder was sonst können Sie direkt auf das MP3-Format, so lange Sie wollen müssen aufzeichnen. Diese App kann Start / Stopp-Aufnahmen im Hintergrund, indem Sie "Lautstärke" und dann "Lautstärke" des Gerätes nach ca. 3 Sek. Es erfüllt im wesentlichen allen Benutzeranforderungen und vieles mehr garantiert ein Spaß, mühelose und effiziente Funktionsfähigkeit. Sie werden nie eine andere Sprachaufzeichnung App müssen erneut.

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