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July 29, 2016
High Precision Reflect

Easy. Instructions almost unnecessary. Effective way to automate repetitive tasks.


Difficult to stop or pause.


My experience is with Win7. The program is easy to use, simple to set up and does not require a lot of resources. It allows you to customize hot keys to start and stop the application. Sadly, I could not get the stop/pause to work as suggested. To pause it, I had to start it several times so it waits for me to choose a macro file. Then I start the Task Manager and discontinue the process.
If it wasn't for that, I would recommend this program.

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none what so ******* ever

first of all the program itself is crap. it doesn't register control or alt keys, well it might do that but not in combination with a letter like CTRL C.

second of all, all the ******* crap that got installed on my system like:
1. outobox
2. wajam
3. mypc backup
4. and ofc the free popups and advertisements in my internet explorer

mofo idiots, stop doing that. how the **** would you (cnet and program writers) like it if I cludder your ******* computers with all the ******* crap that was installed on my computer?
yeah, right, please don't answer that ******* morons

see the cons

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Installation is easy.

Freezes screen while recording, making recording a macro impossible.

I tried this product and was not impressed. Although the program installs with ease, the program causes the screen to freeze when you try to record a macro. The mouse and keyboard do respond, but you don't see them until you press CTRL-ALT-DEL to stop the macro (the button that says Stop Recording doesn't respond). Only then can you see what you have been clicking or typing. Program could be an awesome product, but frozen screens is not the way to get there.

This macro program works very well. It is the best one I have used. It is just as good as ghostmouse if not better. The hot keys allow you to set any key to start and stop the macro with. It works good for online games because most macro programs won't respond to the hotkey you try to use while in a online gaming window. This one does.

If you happen to be using windows 8 the mouse movement function will not work. The hotkeys will most likely work.

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