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November 1, 2016
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280 Slides: one of the best free PowerPoint alternatives

5 Best free animated presentation software and PowerPoint alternatives

Everyone agrees that Microsoft Powerpoint is so 20th century. It is not the best free presentation tool (In fact it’s not free at all). So what should you use if you want to make 21st century presentations? A few options come close to claim the best free presentation software. In this article, I’m going to show you why Powtoon is the best free presentation software and the best alternative to PowerPoint.

like powerpoint but freeWhen it comes to presenting and making presentations, PowToon succeeded in creating a whole new category of presentations. Forget bullet points, templates, and files on your computer. PowToon is an online tool that allows users (PC or Mac) to easily create animated stories for presentations or explainer videos. Slides are only used to manage content while creating the presentation which, when on screen, provides an easy to grasp narrative. If you are a Google Drive user get excited because Powtoon integrates really well with powerpoint but free PowToon is great with voice overs, and allows you to integrate a great script with fantastic animated characters.

We work a lot with Google applications and they are great alternatives to some Microsoft applications . You may already be familiar with Google Drive, and if not then we highly recommend checking it out. Google allows users to get started with presentations super quickly and efficiently. It looks just like PowerPoint but is much easier to use.Google Drive Presentations: one of the best free Powerpoint alternative What can we say, the software was built by geeks and it shows! While the aesthetics of the presentations are quite lacking, and the templates are too basic, it is, however, very strong on collaborative work. Creating PowerPoint like slides has never been easier.

Many people use Google Docs presentations to start their creation process and then switch over to more robust programs.

Google Drive Presentations: one of the best free PowerPoint alternative3. 280 Slides - The Aesthetic PowerPoint Alternative

280 Slides is one of those unknown, “no one has heard of”, slideshow apps that surprisingly has quite a large user base. That’s because presentations made with this program look just like Microsoft PowerPoint fancy edition! It’s easy to use and many users often create slides in Google Docs or PowerPoint and then import them into 280 Slides to get that fancy, fun feel.

A quick search online shows that many of the presentations created with 280 Presentations end up on Slideshare, and other great features include auto save and recovery (also available on PowToon and Google Docs). You can also export your slideshow back into PowerPoint if you want to share your presentations or have a collaborative aspect.

Best Free Recording Software "Debut"
Best Free Recording Software "Debut"
what is the best free recording software
what is the best free recording software
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Best Free Recording Software Available
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