Best free multitrack recording software

July 19, 2016
Best free multitrack recording

Very easy to use, I don't need the large programs with bells and whistles I will never use. I can make excellent quality CD backing tracks with this program. It is very easy to combine the midi tracks I create with live guitar bass etc.


Not a thing!


I have a yamaha QY100 midi sequencer which I use to make backing tracks for my guitar students to practice and do their exams to. The problem was getting the midi file converted to mp3 and onto a CD. This program solved my problem. I use the audio out on the sequencer, going into the audio in on my laptop and this program records it on one of eight tracks. I can then mike up my guitar amp and add live guitars on any one of the other channels and then save the song as an mp3. Very simple and effective. The audio level in control is very sensitive to adjustments and works fantastic. I get a nice loud recording with very little/no white noise. I also use this to record myself, miking up the guitar amp and playing solo jazz guitar. Incredible quality recording, and for 20 dollars!!! I don't need to spend hundreds on a pro multitrack which will have features I will never use.

Finally, the customer service at Acoustic-Labs is waaaaayyyy above what I expected. I had a small problem which they rectified by email same day.

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