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June 21, 2016
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SAN JOSE, Calif. - Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton wasn't really feeling it during Wednesday's Super Bowl media availability.

After three straight days of answering many of the same questions, the player who typically loves the spotlight seemed ready to take a break from it.

"You know what's confusing?" Newton said when asked how it felt to lead Carolina to the title game against Denver. "How can I reword questions I've been asked so many times? Golly.

"Nothing pretty much has changed since I've seen you guys 24 hours ago. I had an unbelievable sleep, but yet I'm up here again. It's cool. It's like I don't know how you want to say it. I sound like a broken record ..."

Newton has been in the spotlight since arriving Sunday in California wearing a pair of gold, black and white zebra-like Versace pants. He was the center of attention during Monday's prime-time media availability when he was referred to as the new face of the NFL by Denver quarterback Peyton Manning.

Asked if winning a national championship at Auburn in 2010 prepared him for the media pressure of Super Bowl week, Newton said it's not necessarily about pressure.

"It's just media requirements that is getting up under a lot of people's skin, " he said. "I think I've got to meet with you guys another time [Thursday] and nothing's going to change.

"I'll be walking out in this room, walking up those stairs, going to another meeting, going to practice, probably playing a couple of video games, talking to my parents, making sure they make it here on time, waking up, brushing my teeth - obviously - go to another meeting.

"Depends on what the breakfast looks like, if I may eat it or not. Go to the team meeting, come back to you guys and talk. I don't get it. I don't know what you guys want to know, man, but it is what it is."

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