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December 19, 2016
I can stop recording in
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Setting up "What u Hear" using Rocketfish 7.1 on Win7 32bit
Hi, I have upgraded my XP to Windows 7 32bit. I have been trying to record from the net using a Rocketfish 7.1 sound board, but it will not allow to setup my source as What U Hear. I have tried to use the instructions by Corpsecrank written in 2009. My windows do not display the Disable Devices or...
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Audigy 2 echo and low volume in "What You Hear" Windows 7 64 bit
Hi, I have 2 systems and the other is listed in my profile so here are this system's specs. Intel e7200 cpu Gigabyte EP43-UD3L Motherboard 4 gigs of ram OCZ 120 gigabiyte SSD for OS Seagate 1TB 7200rpm storage drive Nvidia 9800 GT
Stereo Mixer "What U Hear" Suddenly Stopped Working
I realize the title happens frequently in general. I myself have had to go in and restore the device countless times on reboot. That's not the issue (default device, device enabled, etc). For some mysterious reason, my What U Hear is malfunctioning and picking up absolutely nothing as of last...
Audigy SE - Can't Record "What U Hear"
Hi Folks: I'm completely frustrated with my Audigy SE Sound Blaster Card from Creative.:sarc: I've read many posts and still can't find or get my sound card to record. Under "recording devices": I do not have 'What U Hear' or 'Stereo Mix' even if I right-click the white space and ask the...
No "What u Hear" recording option.
Have a SB0770 card that I got working with help from the good people here. When I go to Audio Creation mode the only recording source listed is Digital-in. I want to record what I can hear through the speakers (eg internet radio, WMP library files, Atmosphere Ambient music.) In Multi Channel...
No "What U Hear/Stereo Mix" on new computer?
Just got a new computer this week, getting tons of headaches trying to find an answer for my issue. I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, and I have Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio. "Show Disabled Devices" did nothing for me. I'm not looking for a program to record something from the...
Sound Recorder on Windows 7
Sound Recorder on Windows 7
Windows 7 - How to use Sound Recorder - Windows 7 tutorial
Windows 7 - How to use Sound Recorder - Windows 7 tutorial
Windows 7 Tip: How to Record from your Speakers without
Windows 7 Tip: How to Record from your Speakers without ...
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