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August 30, 2016

EVR-ProThis post is back with popular demand, as a lot of our clients have asked us to suggest great voice recording apps for Google’s popular Android OS, which is now on almost 75% of the smartphones around the world. Audio quality is one of the, if not THE, biggest factor in quality and accuracy in audio transcription. If the audio quality goes down, so does the accuracy, as there’s only so much a transcriber and editor can do if the speaker’s voice is barely audible. Since almost everyone has a smartphone these days, let us suggest some great recording apps for you to record awesome quality interviews on-the-go.

We suggested dedicated sound recorders earlier, but no need for that anymore, as all decent smartphones and tablets these days have pre-loaded sound recorder apps and built-in microphones that are perfect for private use in listening back on interviews, meetings, lectures, or random musings. They’re even good enough to record music at concerts. Having said all that, to get great quality audio, you need to do a little tweaking or get some good apps, especially if you want accurate transcripts.

Audio-Recorder-screenshotOur recommendation for the best Android sound recording apps are given below:

The free version offers high-quality formats, background recording, and home-screen widget, while the pro version (priced at $3.99) can even record phone calls. And it packs all these features into an easy-to-use interface.

It records your audio in high-quality 16-bit PCM format and allows you to save and export in a variety of different and common formats. It supports Bluetooth microphones, software input gain, stereo recording (many good smartphones have microphones on the front and back), recording from anywhere, and many more.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice RecorderOne of the reasons this app is in this list is because it’s a very easy-to-use free app called Audio Recorder, and it’s very likely you’ve seen this on a Sony phone before. It’s very simple, it allows you to record and play back audio that you record. It has support for microphones and uses a built-in engine to help try improve the audio. It may collect anonymous data using analytics software, which we don’t like that much about it.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder records in mp3 instead of PCM. You can record from widgets, choose between front and back microphone, select the bit rate, adjust input levels etc.Evernote You do have to go through a couple of menus to change the input gain levels, even though they’re right there on the recording screen. There is a trial version which limits the recording to 10 minutes. The app costs $4.99.

Many people won’t know this, but Evernote does have the capacity to record audio. It’s not as extensive as these other apps, but it is possible. Evernote has the extra benefit of having your recorded audio stored on your Evernote account, which you can access from any device that has Evernote on it. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it’s perfect for those who may need more than just voice recordings.

RecForge Pro is the app of choice for many, a versatile audio recorder that includes cloud integration, multiple formats, editing, adjustable quality levels, playback speed adjustments, manual and automatic gain control, multiple languages, etc. It can be used for interviews, recording keynotes/panels at events, and also recording music. This app consistently produces great recordings, especially if you plug in an external microphone. This app costs around $4.00.

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