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May 8, 2016
Arial Sound Recorder - Users

Records sounds from a microphone or music played by a media player and can save them as WAV, MP3 or WMA files and you can also tag the saved files

Recording sounds on your computer is not a difficult job. For this task you can use your native Windows tools, but that only works with microphones. Arial Sound Recorder, however, is an app that can help you with all types of input devices.

The software comes with a clean interface that’s easy to use even by less experienced users.

You can start, pause or stop any recording job straight from the main interface. You can also choose the Fast Fourier transform (FFT) array size and window type, as well as select a visual representation (analog, linear, fire, glass, kryptonite and normal).

The software enables you pick an input device from an array of options, such as CD player, microphone, line in, mono out and wave out mix. This means you can record the tracks played by your CD driver, any sounds you make into the microphone, as well as those coming into your computer via the line in jack or those going through your sound card.

Also, by selecting Wave Out mix (Stereo Mix), you can record streaming audio from the Internet, or music played with the help of various software on your computer, as well as in-game tracks.

Arial Sound Recorder further comes with a series of filters to reduce noise (Notch Filter, HighPass Filter, and LowPass Filter). All the recordings’ ID3 tags can be edited. Thus, you can fill in information such as title, artist name, album, year of release and music genre.

Furthermore, the program comes with a built-in equalizer. The tracks can be saved in a directory of your choice in one of the three supported formats: MP3, WAV and WMA.

The bottom line is that Arial Sound Recorder is an advanced tool that can help you record all types of tracks. The software offers some advanced functions, but even less experienced users can figure them out after a little while.

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