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May 19, 2016
10 Free Audio Tools Everyone

I have used the 2 software to record and convert music. After comparison, I think Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder is easier to use and its effects are better.


Audio Record Wizard takes longer to convert audio files. Here I recommend Apowersoft to you, you can have a free try on its websites( and then decide to buy or not.


Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder is better.

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None that I could test

Have SigmaTel audio... would only record mic (internal and external) and line in.
This I can do with MS recorder.

I use bought version with no luck on web base audio.

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Very easu to use.
Many settings and supported file types.
Free updates for couple of years.

Can not find any.

Well worth its money, highly recomanded!

Updated on Dec 28, 2013

*easy (sorry for my bad English)

Utility allows you to record audio from different sources. You can manually start a recording or you can schedule recordings to take place automatically.

The trail version provides only 2 minute long recording.

Works perfectly

None, except maybe the price should be a little bit cheaper, the software will sell better

what can i say when it didnt work at all. said the microphone is not proper. well, i tried 3 microphones to record. all waste of time.

not recommended. i uninstalled it... after half an hour of struggle..

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Note that the computer may not only have one microphone, USB microphone and normal microphone are different. Audio Record Wizard will list all supported devices on the top of window, you need to select an appropriate recording device before recording.

Audio Record Wizard allows users to record from different device, so it will not change recording device automatically like voice chat software. You decide what kind of source you would like to record from, and you select the correct device before recording.

If you are not sure which device should be selected, click Options->System->Open log file, copy and paste its content, and email to us( We will help you to fix this.

Sounds good from the above reviewer.

Advertising does not state what format recordings are saved to. MP3s are most easily used.

Easy to test. Word on my mp3. Player. Tried. Inch and. Free. Sound. Recorder. They both are. Trash

None at. This. Time

I. Can. Record. From youtube. And. Pandora. Testing. Wax. Dz.

Good Question

Could not try it before purchasing so I gave up. Perhaps the try it program work but it did not work for me.

If you want to purchase before trying this might be a good choice. I want to try it first. And I could not get the try it program to work.

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