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June 5, 2016
Camtasia Studio 8

smrecorder | Top 5 Free Video Capture Software For WindowsVideo capture is a great way to share your creativity & your skills to your family, friends, or to just about anyone. With capturing videos from the web or from your hard drive, you can be so creative with it – in fact, you can compile funny video clips and make one video out of it, or you can capture games you play on the web and then share it instantly on YouTube.

And we always have our preferences when it comes to video capture software. We either want to pay because we thought it is awesome or because it has lots of features, but is it really? OR, is the video capture software you’re using giving you some problems? Do you wish to know some free & great alternatives that are just so easy to use yet never compromise the quality of the file? Of course, we want those kinds of software.

So our main goal in this article is to give you the top 5 free video capture software for Windows which can be an alternative to expensive and complex software like CamVerce, Fraps, Camtasia, Debut Video Capture, and lots more. There are important key components in knowing a good software. Those important components includes the ability to capture video in full screen or at least, able to customize the area of capture, ability to record voice and audio, ability to record movies in real-time, file size, and the ability to upload to YouTube easily and share with anyone in the web.

So with those key components, here’s your top free video capture software for Windows. Get to know them better and enjoy Ezvid is got to be the easiest video capture software for Windows and is 100% free. It can record full screen and records anything that it sees on your screen – your desktop, cursor movements – anything from your screen. It is able to record your voice so you can actually make a voice over or commentary footage to the videos you capture or even the games you record or presentations you wish you can describe the steps. It also records & renders your video in 720×1280 HD giving you a sharper and enhanced display on YouTube. It’s a perfect video capture tool for your screencast tutorials or gameplay videos.

hypercamDownload Ezvid Here.

Plus, Ezvid has an integrated video editing capability where you can customize the captured video. It may not be as advanced like those expensive software, but you can definitely add some soundtracks, add text slides, cut, trim & duplicate a file, with slow motion/fast motion effects. It is also a free slideshow maker & a video editor for YouTube, with one click of a button, your video is upped on YouTube without hassle, lags, etc.

Movavi Screen Capture is a simple freeware desktop video and audio recorder, which can also capture camera and voice using your microphone and saves it into AVI Movie files. It has a maximum capture frame rate of 36s. Duration of the recording may last up to about 60 minutes which is quite an impressive feature in this software. It has built-in basic video editing tools where it can add annotations and narration, quite useful for presentations and tutorials. However, the interface is not really that user-friendly and it doesn’t have the ability to upload videos to YouTube instantly. Plus, the file output is AVI where it’s too big of file when uploaded to YouTube. If you are a novice of video editing, you might find this tool overwhelming and quite limited with its overall function.

Free Screen Video Recorder

Camtasia/Camstudio is a freeware video capture software. Like Ezvid, you don’t have to pay anything to use the program. It can record full screen and can record your audio as well as any activity that happens on your screen. But there is no zoom features and the file size output is too large. It has a very limited file output source, AVI and SWF files only. The problem with this file output is that it might take you too long to upload your videos to YouTube plus the quality is awful, and it doesn’t have any video editing tools associated with it. So this isn’t really what you might be looking for in a video capture software.


HyperCam is yet another freeware screen video capture program for Windows where it captures any activity that happens on your screen and then saves it to an AVI file. It is also capable of capturing your voice through microphone but it is not intended to re-record video clips but is useful for creating demo or software presentations. And you have the ability to choose frame rate and compression quality. It can also customize the area you want to capture.

The user interface of HyperCam is not so friendly. It is very simple and might not be a good program to use for novice users. I also don’t see any video editing tools associated with the program. It does not automatically render your recorded video onto its editing mode. It seems this software has a very limited function, plus it cannot upload to YouTube straight.

When you are into screen video capture, always remember those key elements to a good software – ability to record voice & video, ability to record full screen, has built-in video editing tools, and can share to YouTube or to the web easily without hassle. If your current software doesn’t have these, then start looking for an alternative.

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