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June 4, 2016
From your smart watch

EDIT: the app below has been superceded by the improved Amazing Audio MP3 Recorder - - which now includes a built-in call recorder as well (which will work for Nexus 4 and Moto G 2nd Gen without root - though will require speakerphone, but uses it in a way that will not disturb the phone call).

Our Amazing Audio Voice Recorder app for android:

allows real-time Volume Boost, 3-band equalizer, and a pitch changer (for novelty).

So you can monitor the recording with earphones in real-time while recording, and while adjusting the Volume Boost, Equalizer and Pitch.

The app is also designed for use by blind or visually impaired users (i.e. users of TalkBack screen reader on Android devices). The app was designed with feedback from the eyes-free google group, which led to the inclusion of a number of features:

- stereo recording (some android devices like Nexus 4 don't do stereo however)

- real-time monitoring of recording

The app is designed primarily for voice memos - so it includes an ear detect feature which allows for natural flow-of-though voice memos (just bring phone to ear to record, move it away to pause). Turn this feature on or off from the main screen.

A weakness which we will remedy in the next update will the the addition of background recording which was not included by design in a voice memo app. But the app is appropriate for recording longer lectures and in a field recorder type function - so background recording would be a good addition.

We will also be adding MP3 support (a paid feature because of it's licensing requirements), and possibly a vocoder as well.

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