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October 23, 2015
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There are so many reasons! First of all, you can help give someone a voice — that’s powerful. A banked voice would make it possible to re­create your voice should you ever lose it in the future. Your voice may also spark new discoveries and innovations in speech technologies, biometrics and health diagnostics. Together we can change lives!

Becoming a speech donor is simple, rewarding and even educational! All you need to record is an Internet connection, a microphone, a quiet place, and a computer or smartphone running the Chrome browser. You will be asked to read or repeat short sentences that, together, cover all the combinations of sounds that occur in the language (we are starting with English but the concept can be extended to other languages). The more of your speech we have and the higher your recording quality is, the clearer and more natural a voice we can create.

How long does it take?

We need about three to four hours of speech from each donor — though even an hour of speech can go a long way! You don’t have to do this all at once. You can take your time and break it up into small sessions of around 15-20 minutes, so that you can record your best voice.

Do I need to sound like a radio announcer?

Absolutely not! Our voice recipients are children and adults who need a voice that reflects their identity. So we need donors to reflect a wide variety of people, talking in their normal, clear speaking manner.

Will others recognize me in someone’s voice?

The VocaliD™ voice is always a blend of your speech and the recipient’s voice, except when banking your own voice for future use. While it is possible, it is very unlikely that others will recognize you — unless, of course, you have a famous or well-known voice!

Will others know I am a speech donor?

We will keep your contribution to The Human Voicebank by VocaliD confidential. You may, of course, choose to share the idea with others and help us spread the word!

Will my recordings and information be shared with others?

We understand your personal data is sensitive information, and we make confidentiality a priority. To store and retrieve recordings and to match donor-recipient voices, we gather information such as name, age, gender, height, primary language, other language, email, etc.

Speech Development Records Christmas Advert
Speech Development Records Christmas Advert
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WAR: Speech Development Records
TLC Students Speech Recording Friday, 16 January, 2015
TLC Students Speech Recording Friday, 16 January, 2015
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