Audio processing software

June 6, 2016
Audio Processing Software

As with any audio processing software, results with R-MIX are dependent on the source quality. R-MIX provides high-quality, natural-sounding results with few undesirable artifacts, glitches, or over-modulated sounds. And once you’ve finished your project, you can export it as an audio file and play it on any standard music-playback device, or import the file into your favorite music-software program.

Effects and Noise Cancel

Add effects only to any specific part of a mix, such as vocals, and clean up your mixes with the built-in Noise Cancel, which eliminates undesirable hiss and hum noises. Delay and reverb effects are also onboard, letting you add depth and expression to each element (or all) of your mix.

Create Your Own Mixes

You can easily make “minus-one” type karaoke files from existing songs by lowering the level of the pre-recorded vocal or any other instrument you select. Using the same technique in reverse, you can solo an individual part and analyze it for study; slow down a fast guitar solo, for example, and learn how to play it. Create mash-ups and remixes with stereo files as if they were multitracks. The sky’s the limit!

Fast Workflow

With R-MIX, there’s only one friendly screen to navigate. No need to switch screens or hunt through a maze of embedded menus. R-MIX’s controls are designed according to natural workflow so you can work effortlessly. A built-in Help window is provided for each task so you can operate R-MIX without the need for a printed manual.

iPad Version Available!

A simplified version of R-MIX called “R-MIX Tab” will be available for the Apple iPad. Use V-Remastering technology to extract audio elements from songs and easily create “minus-one” type play-along tracks from an audio file on your iPad!

Roland Audio Processing Software R-MIX 紹介動画
Roland Audio Processing Software R-MIX 紹介動画
Audio-Responsive Software
Audio-Responsive Software
Software/Processing Overview
Software/Processing Overview
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