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June 1, 2016
I haven t used it personally

PROS / The toolbar and ribbon provide easy navigation of the program and its tools.

CONS / The audio restoration tools did not work as well as the tools in other programs.

VERDICT / This audio editor has many benefits including plenty of editing tools, a great toolbar and a space to edit multiple audio tracks at once.

AVS Audio Editor is audio editing software that comes with many helpful features. It boasts an easy-to-navigate interface with a tool ribbon at the top to clearly identify each of the tools. The clarity of the interface allows the most novice user to navigate the interface of this audio editing program with ease.

One of this audio editing software's most unique features is the mix tab. The mix tab pulls up an arrangement window where you can edit and arrange multiple audio tracks at once. This is suitable for editing a podcast with two or more separate audio sources. From here, you can split the audio into separate tracks, adjust volume and gain, and arrange the audio. After you are done, you can export all of your recordings to a single audio file.

The layout of the interface is clean and logical. The transport with all of the track recording information is located at the bottom of the screen with the editing tools located conveniently at the top. Your line meter sits to the right of your audio track so you can easily determine that your audio isn’t too loud or quiet during editing. Each tool within your ribbon has a graphic with text to let you know what the tool does. These simple characteristics make the interface intuitive.

We imported a noisy audio clip into the software to test its ability to restore the audio. The test clip was a single voice recording with noticeable hiss, hum, clicks and cracks throughout the audio. We used the audio editor's noise reduction tool to remove the unwanted noises from the audio. The noise reduction tool has presets to remove hiss and hum, but it lacks a click or pop remover.

To remove the noise, we used the noise profile sampler within the noise reduction tool. With this tool you can sample the noise that you want removed from your audio and then run the filter to remove the profile noise from the entire audio recording. While this tool worked, it didn't work as well as some of the other audio editors that have the same feature. The clip still had some noticeable pops after we ran the filter.

AVS Audio Editor was also able to extract all of the audio from every video file that we tested. We tested seven separate video files, and AVS extracted all the audio from each file without a hitch. This type of file compatibility is an excellent attribute to have in an audio editor.

If you have additional questions about the software, the video tutorials can be helpful for novice AVS users. The interface is easy to navigate, so beginners shouldn’t have trouble getting their feet wet.


AVS Audio Editor is one of the most fluid programs to use. It has many editing tools, effects and presets to choose from. The simplicity of this audio editor makes it accessible for users with any type of audio editing experience.

{Lms} adobe audio editing software
{Lms} adobe audio editing software
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