Audio capture software

March 4, 2017
Audio capture software

When you’re recording a live show, visibility can be a problem. Furthermore, you need to pay attention to what’s happening in the room and onstage. Because Capture is preconfigured for the StudioLive mixer, as long as your StudioLive mic trims are properly set, you don’t have to worry about clipping, so you can hit Record Now and forget about Capture during the song. And thanks to Capture’s Big Meter mode, which turns your monitor into a gigantic meter bridge, you can see your levels clearly at a glance while staying focused on mixing the show.

Most people prefer to record a live set straight through, hitting Record at the start of the set and stopping at the end. Capture allows you to drop markers between songs, on the fly during recording. Then you can use the markers to jump quickly to the start of the next song and to export individual songs as separate files.

Using markers is easier than even with the Marker List, which provides an overview of every marker in your Session and offers an easy way to quickly add, delete, and name markers and move them around your Session. Drag-and-drop markers where you want them or simply click on the Move Marker button to move the selected marker to the current playback position in the timeline.

Capture allows you to tag your sessions with Artist, Performance, and Location information. Once you add these tags, Capture will organize your audio for you on your hard drive. Have all the sessions from your summer tour organized in a labeled folder by location and date. Or locate all the sessions by a particular artist in the same folder organized by venue and location. Keeping your audio organized is now as easy as naming a session.

You can save WAV and OpenTL files, with selectable sample rates and bit depths, then edit your tracks in the audio software of your choice. Or save a Capture file, complete with markers, and open it for editing directly in Studio One, which is also bundled with all StudioLive mixers. Capture enables you to stereo-link channels so you can record interleaved stereo files from linked channels on the StudioLive mixer.

You also can record in Capture, mix through the StudioLive, and then print your mix back to Capture. This allows you to take full advantage of the StudioLive’s Fat Channel processing, effects, and other features during mixdown, as well as during recording. It’s fast, it’s easy, and the sound quality is first-rate at every stage.

Another useful way to use Capture is to stream audio into the StudioLive while mixing a live show. For instance, to integrate previously recorded material into a live performance, simply bring prerecorded tracks into Capture—it can import WAV and AIFF files—and send the tracks to channels on a StudioLive while recording live audio from the other mixer channels.

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