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February 3, 2015
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You’ve spent a lot of time perfecting every detail in your video. You have gone through every transition, effect, animation, and a variety of other visual components to ensure brand authenticity and delivery of the right message.

But what about the voice-over? If the script is what you say in the video, then the voice-over is how you say it. It helps determine the pace and tone of your video.

So how do you ensure that your video has a suitable voice-over to augment the visuals? And how do you bring all the various parts of your production together to create a compelling story?

Here are some best practices for recording voice-overs:

Best Practices for Recording Voice-Overs

There are generally two recommended approaches for recording a voice-over: hiring a professional voice actor and recording it yourself.

In this post, we’ll look at best practices for both of them.

1) Hire a Voice Actor

The ideal option when recording voice-overs is to have a professional do it i.e. a voice actor.

Voice actors are experts that can provide high-quality voice-overs for your video. They’re affordable and most often deliver very quickly.

On average, voice actors can deliver a recording within a day’s time (assuming you have a finished script), and it usually costs around $150-$250 for one page of script or two minutes of audio.

In fact, most voice actors will give you a quote based on the length of your script. And some even offer editing services to help improve the language of your script and make it sound better.

There are plenty of voice-over websites to choose from, which let you put up jobs and help you find the right talent for your video. Here are a few that GoAnimate partners with:

Note: You can pick one of these voice partners at any time from the right-hand side in the GoAnimate videomaker itself.

how-to-add-high-quality-voice-overs-video-3.pngThings To Keep In Mind

Now that you’ve started looking for the right voice-over talent, let’s go over some guidelines you should keep in mind throughout the process:

Share detailed information about your video.

Lets face it, the voice actor you choose may have worked with companies in your industry in the past. But chances are they aren’t completely familiar with your industry, audience, or company. So it’s your job to educate them.

When you reach out to a voice actor, be sure to share as much relevant information as possible.

If you want your voice-over to sound professional and conversational, let the voice actor know. Want industry-specific jargon to sound natural in the voice-over? Make sure the voice actor is aware of any relevant industry terms in your script. Share information on how to pronounce the terms and what they mean (technically and in plain-English).

Annotate your script.

Want the voice actor to pause between specific phrases or words? Make a note of it in the script. Need to emphasize a point? Bold the relevant text.

Voice actors want to deliver a high-quality voice-over that suits your video needs, so don’t hesitate to get specific with your comments. However, you do want to make sure that any notes you include are discernible from the script itself, so make the distinction clear for the voice actor.

You can either use the “Comments” feature available in most document programs, or even italicize the text within the script itself and ask the voice actor to reference them (and not read it in the final voice-over).

Focus on the quality of the audio.

Once you’ve received your voice-over, make sure that the quality of the audio is up to par. Listen for any pops or sound distortions.

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