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November 4, 2015
AVR is the best voice

If you can read and speak, you can do a voice over. With the right tools, technique and some practice, you can create functional voice overs for any project, stay within budget and deliver them on time. Whether this is your first time or your 25th, it never hurts to go through the fundamentals of creating good voice overs. Here are 10 tips to get you through.

1 - It Starts With the Script

Voice over scripts come in many forms and lengths. It may be as simple as a few lines peppered throughout the project or it could be nine pages of wall-to-wall text. It's possible the client wrote it, either through an employee or a committee. Whenever possible, retain the right to edit the script for clarity. You don't want to change the message, just the delivery. Make sure the script is easy for you or the voice over talent to read, easy to understand and moves easily from section to section. If there are any names, words or technical terms that you're unsure of, check with the client for proper pronunciation. Spell them out phonetically if necessary. There's nothing worse than mispronouncing someone's name during your voice over recording and having to go back and fix it after the project is finished.

2 - The Right Software

The process of recording a good voice over requires a few tools. First on the list is recording and editing software. Adobe Audition, Sony Sound Forge and ProTools are the major players in this area, but there are many other options. Adobe, Sony and Digidesign each make 'lite' versions of their flagship products - all are worth investigating. Apple has Logic Studio, Soundtrack Pro and WavePad. You can even do some basic recording and editing in GarageBand. Reaper, Audacity and Nero's Wave Editor are all worthy contenders, too. Find one that fits your budget and is easy to use. You'll spend a lot of quality time with your software.

3 - The Setup

Once that's established, you need your best microphone. In a perfect world, that would be a large diaphragm studio condenser mic, but any good, clean microphone will do. You also need a way to plug the mic into your computer - with either adapter cables or an audio interface - and a microphone stand. A good pair of headphones is critical for monitoring your recording. With the headphones on, you'll hear every detail and make better performance decisions. Don't forget the recording environment. Our article guerilla sound booth is a great way to go for a voice over studio, but any quiet area with minimal sound reflections works in a pinch.

4 - Creature Comforts

You may be working on the voice over for a while, so make sure you've created a comfortable work environment. This starts with good lighting and ventilation. Pour yourself a nice cup of tea and sip slowly. No sugar and cream laden coffee here. Cough drops will help open up the sinuses and clear the throat, just spit them out before recording. Keep a bottle of room temperature water handy and grab a drink between takes. You'll get a better performance standing but a bar stool might make things a little more comfortable for longer runs.

5 - Performance

It's time to step up to the mic, as they say. Don't worry about anything for now, just grab the script, hit the record button and track a few lines. Play the recording back over the headphones and listen to the performance. If you've never done this before, the recording will sound pretty strange. Do you really sound like that? Yes, you do. Be critical of your performance. Listen closely for slurred words, phrases and accents. Pay attention to timing and the flow of the voice over recording. Based on your critique, re-record the piece - several times if necessary - and listen through it again. Make notes to yourself about certain words or phrases that give you trouble.


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